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Termites are found in every state of the US except Alaska. These unwanted guests invade in house and damage the expensive property. So, hiring a professional termite exterminator is a good option. Elimination of termites requires more effort and attention. With Hawx Pest Control, you will get the best customize termite plan as per your need and budget.   

Termites are not as dangerous as they do not cause a direct impact on humans but they provide damage to their property. That’s why they are called ‘Secret Destroyers’. You can contact us for the termite control service and our team experts will reach out to you soon. You can also schedule a flexible appointment for a free inspection. 

Why Contact Termite Exterminator, Hawx pest control?

Hawx Pest Control is serving in 10 states of the US from 2013. We are one of the entrusted pest control in the US. Our skillful and termites experts are specialized in this field. With the experience of many years, we are presenting the first-rate, effective, reliable, and handy service plans. 

Our licensed team contributors have thrived to obtain recognition as one of the first-rate pest control industries. We provide work with honesty, a very good mindset, and with great work ethics. Our termite treatment plans are effective and importantly they are environment friendly. You can suspects the termites if there is buckle or sag on the floor, loose tiles, pinpoint holes in drywall, or damaged wood crumbles are in your houses. We will eliminate the termites from your place with the up-to-date method and technology and will make your place termite-free. 

Our Termite Treatment Plan:

To protect your house or business with these wood-destroying termites, we provide our customers with the best and affordable treatment plans. Our treatment plan includes of given procedures:

  1. A detailed inspection of your property
  2. Advanced Termite Bait system treatment or Foaming Application Treatment 
  3. Follow up and monitoring  

Tips to Avoid Termite Exterminator

If you do not want termites to invade your property and to avoid hiring a Termite Exterminator:

  1. You can create a barrier of small stone or rock among soil and your foundation.
  2. Do not use natural mulch as it attracts termites. You can utilize non-natural planting substances like a beaten rock.
  3. Termites like to live in a warm and humid place, that’s why always dry out your basement with a dehumidifier.
  4. Do not leave pipes leaking, fix the leaky pipes, faucets, or hoses of your property.
  5. Your crawlspaces must be properly ventilated.
  6. Remove any wet timber from your property or any wood destroyed by the water, as is it likely to attract termites in it. 
  7. Always clean your garden. Do not let fallen trees, leaf piles, tree stumps, etc. stand out there for a long time.
  8. Restrict water from lining up in your property or commercial enterprise.

How to Contact Hawx pest control?

 To contact the best termite exterminator, you just need to give a call and our friendly operators will contact you to help you with termites issues. You can ask queries and questions related to termites problem, our expert will provide you with the best advice. You can also request a free estimate from our website, our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.