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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Guests with Hawx Pest & Termite Control Services  

Ignorance of termites infestation can lead to a serious problem. Termites damage billions of dollars every year alone in America. These unwanted guests infest in the house and damage the property. Eliminating the termites is a difficult job, you can not remove them with homemade solutions. 

At Hawx Pest & Termite control you will get the best quality service with the lastest and advanced technologies and methods. With the customized pest control plan, we are eliminating the pests and termites with great knowledge and experience. You can contact us to schedule a free inspection, our certified technicians will conduct the inspection at your convenience. 

Introduction of Hawx Pest & Termite Control

Hawx Pest & Termite Control was founded in 2013. We are offering residential and commercial services across 10 states. Our skillful, well-trained professionals are entrusted in providing the best, effective, reliable, and convenient services. 

We are committed to providing the services with the top-notch quality and 100% efficiency, that’s why we use the best and innovative up-to-date technology and methods. Our certified team members have thrived to attain a reputation as one of the best pest control industries. We work with honesty, a good attitude and work ethics to make good relations and to gain the trust of our customers. You can call our friendly and knowledgeable operator to help you with any problem related to pests. 

Hawx Pest & Termite Control Service Treatment

If you have suspect termites in your house or property, then don’t waste your time thinking about whether to call professionals or not. Because termites are not less dangerous, they can harm your expensive property and stuff. When you will hire Hawx Pest Control, we will ensure you, that we will provide you a stress-free and reliable service. 

Here you can the procedure of our treatment:  

  1. Inspection – First, we determine the infestation of the pest and their access points. In order to control and remove them, it is important to do a proper and detailed inspection of the property. As termites come out of their build colonies for food and leave their sign of presence. Our experts with the latest technology will conduct the inspection according to your scheduled appointment. 
  2. Advance Termite Bait System – After the inspection, our experts recommend the treatment plan, according to the infestation. Then, we start our advance termite baiting treatment. We place the baits and remove them completely. 
  3. Monitoring – You don’t need to worry about the infestation again, our experts ensure and monitors the treatment well, to minimize the chances of termites infestation in the future again. 

Contact Us Now!

Termites can cause the problem again if they left untreated, that’s always hired experienced and professional services. We provide our services with work ethics and a good attitude. So, reach out to us now and schedule your free inspection. We will serve thorough and effective inspection and treatment. You can also send us a free through our website, our operators will respond to your queries as soon as possible.

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